Teresa Bergeon
Teresa Bergeon
September 16, 2022.
Kenny came out and pumped our septic tank. He was very nice and professional. He was quick and efficient. He left no mess at all. Kenny is very knowledgeable for what he does. I would highly recommend him.
Jaida Manners
Jaida Manners
September 7, 2022.
This business has excellent customer service. They provided service for our restroom trailer. I highly recommend this company for your pumping needs in Oklahoma!!! Thank you so much for your kind service!
Betsy P
Betsy P
September 2, 2022.
Very pleased with service. Professional, on time, affordable, great job!
Luke Calvert
Luke Calvert
August 20, 2022.
Kenny was great! He was very professional and accommodating of my preferences. He went above and beyond other companies that I've had perform the same service. I will definitely use J&J again for my septic services.
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher
June 21, 2022.
Quite frankly they could not be any better.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby
June 2, 2022.
J&J pumping services was super communicative, on time, professional, and affordable. I will only be using them for my septic needs! And it’s a small business, so how can you go wrong. 10/10 would recommend.
Jon Wintle
Jon Wintle
May 30, 2022.
Very professional, friendly and on time. Showed up at 0800 on Memorial Day with a friendly greeting. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Benjamin Wagener
Benjamin Wagener
May 23, 2022.
Showed up on time, very kind and professional, well-spoken, clean truck, provided helpful tips and advice, quickly completed the job, and the cost was better than any other service I contacted. I would highly recommend J&J Pumping Service for your septic service needs.

Septic Tank Services

We make taking care of your septic tank simple and easy.

Aerobic Septic Tank Pumping

Our pumping service is the most bang for your buck on the market. State of the art equipment allows us to make your pumping service faster and more affordable than ever.

septic tank cleaning

Conventional Septic

Our conventional septic tank pumping service takes care of the basics plus some.

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Aerobic System Inspections

Our thorough 10-point inspection determines if all septic tank components are working as designed.

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Breakdowns & Repairs

We can tackle most repairs same day. If a septic tank repair falls outside of our expertise or region, we will connect you to one of our trusted partners in your area.

Empty Your Tank, Not Your Wallet

We understand you don’t have extra time or money when it comes to servicing your tank. That’s why we use the most efficient equipment for our septic service, serving our customers better than the rest of the industry.

We specialize in septic tank inspection, septic tank pumping, and septic system repair. If an inspection reveals your tank needs additional attention, we will update you with a free estimate and work with you to find the best solutions. Getting your conventional septic tank cleaned or aerobic septic tank cleaned is important but should not empty your bank account. Call now for a no-hassle estimate.


We take the specific needs of each job into consideration. Call now to schedule an inspection for your tank and a free service estimate.

Know What You're Getting

ARE YOU PUMPING ALL LIQUIDS AND SLUDGE DOWN TO LESS THAN 5% OF TANK VOLUME? Some pumpers will only pump the liquid or certain chambers of your septic tank. The Department of Environmental Quality requires septic tanks to be pumped to a maximum of 5% of total tank volume. If your tank isn’t pumped to 5% of volume, your tank cannot be properly inspected. We pump all tanks down to 5% or less of the total volume of the tank.
DOES SEPTIC TANK CLEANING INCLUDE THE INSIDE WALLS AND SANITIZING MY TANK? Some pumpers pump your tank and leave you with a bill. We make sure the inside walls of every tank are clean from sludge and have been thoroughly sanitized before putting them back into service. We take extra care around the tank and lid to leave no residue or foul odors in your yard.
ARE YOU PERFORMING A SYSTEM-WIDE INSPECTION? Not every pumper gives your tank a proper inspection before pumping, leaving potential tank problems unknown. Every tank we service receives a complimentary system-wide inspection to make sure pumping is indeed the service you need. Check out our services to find out more about our 10 point inspections.
ARE YOU DISPOSING OF ALL WASTE ACCORDING TO DEQ GUIDELINES? The Department of Environmental Quality places firm restrictions on the handling and disposing of liquid waste. Unfortunately, some companies choose to skirt the rules by dumping in unauthorized manners. We provide each homeowner with a full pump report that displays the dump site and amount of waste removed from their tank.
DOES YOUR PUMPER PUT YOU ON AUTOMATIC PUMPING REMINDERS AS A STANDARD SERVICE? The state tasks homeowners with the sole responsibility of maintaining their own septic system. Unfortunately, septic isn’t always the first thing on homeowners’ minds. We will remind you when routine maintenance is needed and be there if you have an emergency situation, day or night.

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